What are knots?

By Laura


Two questions we get asked as Beauty Therapists the most: ‘what are knots’ and ‘how do we get rid of them’.

Everyone will have some tension areas in their muscles due to every day stress, exercise, poor posture and also repetitive strain.

Knots are nodules of tension, caused by a build-up of lactic acid.  When muscle fibres stick together (through stress or exercise) the blood flow to the muscle is restricted.  As the muscle is not receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs lactic acid and waste products form causing pain and reduced movement.

Tension knots can be treated by a mixture of massage and products.

Massage increases the blood flow to the muscles, increasing the oxygen and nutrients. At the same time lactic acid and waste products are removed. Drinking plenty of water after massage is always advisable as this helps flush the toxins from the body.

Massage firstly warms the muscles; the heat generated allows the muscle to relax and soften, relieving tension areas.  Regular massage can help to reduce the build-up of lactic acid and keep the muscles relaxed.

At The Retreat we offer a variety of massage treatments to induce relaxation and melt away muscular pain.

Our Tranquility Massage combines Swedish massage and warmed stones to target stress or tension and replace them with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Or try our Voya Organic Herbal Bag Massage, where warmed steamed herb filled bags are massaged into the body, providing deep relaxation, detoxifying and soothing aches and pains.

Our massage treatments are tailored to your needs and requirements, so each massage gives you maximum benefit.

To help keep muscles relaxed and aches and pains at bay using home care products is always recommended.

Run a warm bath, add a little of Aromatherapy Associates De-stress Muscle Oil and allow the combination of lavender, ginger, rosemary and black pepper ease the tension and pains away.

Or indulge in a Voya Seaweed Bath allowing the detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties of organic seaweed to soothe tense, aching muscles while you soak.

Once soothed, rub in Voya’s Muscle Warming Gel to instantly heal muscle tension. Massage into the area of concern and feel the heat warming the muscles helping to loosen and relieve aches and pains.

Alternatively try Voya’s Serenergise Body Oil, a muscle healing and fatigue-busting oil providing detoxifying effects reducing muscular tension and stiffness.

Muscle tension is unavoidable, but all these things will definitely help along with improved posture, increased hydration, relaxation and stretches.