It’s about you…

Hi there, this is our first blog and we wanted to let you know some of our thoughts.

With over 25 years in a constantly changing Beauty Industry we decided it was time we listened to you and give ourselves a revitalised new look to reflect you our clients.

You said you enjoy natural innovative products and treatments which not only deliver on sensorial experience but deliver flawless results time after time. After years of trying to find a skin care brand that would stand side by side with Darphin we are pleased to announce the arrival of Voya with its exclusive new treatments and products. The first organic seaweed based beauty and skincare range. These skincare brands have a passion for perfection. They invite you to indulge and reward you with perfect performance that delivers flawless results.

You asked for powerful anti-aging treatments without the need for invasive procedures, with CACI and our new Skinbreeze treatment we can now deliver your anti-aging needs.

It’s all about the brow, with waxing, threading and our signature brow treatment we can give you those brows you have always wanted.

Lashes, whether tinted, extended or lifted we now have the treatment for you.

You wanted new and modern treatment rooms and many of you struggled with the stairs. We have recently created two new contemporary designed treatment rooms on the ground floor, so everyone will now be able to enjoy all the treatments we offer.

With months of planning and builders our fabulous new look is now complete. With new treatment brochures and a new web-site to delight and tempt you, and with exclusive new treatments and products to relax, unwind and escape.

We are constantly striving to keep new and fresh for all our clients so we hope you all enjoy the new salon.