I suffered from acne in my 20s, which mercifully went away by the time I hit my thirties and, it felt, like a bad experience that was a distant memory. However, in my mid forties it came back with a vengeance – full on cystic acne, very difficult to hide and very painful. Anyone who has suffered will know how much it can bring you down and how impossible it seems to cure.

Then I tried Skin Breeze based on Laura’s recommendation. I was determined to give it every chance to work so I booked a course and went every week for a 30 minute session. Within 3 weeks the results were noticeable – less break outs that cleared up much more quickly than before. By week 7 my skin was completely clear! I have not had a single spot for 3 weeks now and am down to a maintenance programme of treatment every 3 to 4 weeks.

I am so pleased. I would have paid almost anything for a cure – and that is one of the issues, you can spend vast amounts speculatively and not get lasting results. In this case, the cost was very reasonable, I got a free treatment because I bought a course and the treatment really, really worked. I could not recommend it highly enough.