Keeping Your Body Healthy During Winter

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Are you someone who hides your body away during the winter and only thinks about it when the sun appears, and you start to think about getting holiday ready? But what about the rest of the year?

It is important to not forget your body while we are in the winter months. Even though it is wrapped up in warm clothes, it’s still there and we need to keep looking after it as though we are getting it ready for our big summer holiday.

85% of people admit they neglect their body during the winter, but this shouldn’t be the case. This is prime time to keep the skin healthy, you wouldn’t start the gym in the beginning of summer to get it holiday ready, so why leave your skin to the last minute? 

Once per week exfoliating and daily moisturising is key to keeping that healthy glow all year round. 

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An amazing tip is to exfoliate whether with a scrub or body brush while your skin is dry and then lay back in a warm bath full of essential bath oils. This will help the exfoliator to gently slip away, while the scent of the pure-essential oil will relax and un-wind you and the oil will nourish.  Gently pat yourself dry and while your skin is still damp apply your chosen moisturising lotion. This will leave your skin soft and subtle, the feel and look everyone desires. 

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Nutrition:  Consume 5 – 7 a Day: fruit and vegetables contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals which carry out a variety of functions to keep the body and skin healthy.

 Make physical activity a priority this will not only improve your quality of life, help your mental and emotional wellbeing but will also help the health of your skin.  The increase in blood flow during exercise helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells keeping them healthy, promoting collagen production and new skin cells.  Waste products, including free radicals are carried away which keeps glowing skin.

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60% of people also agreed they didn’t keep on top of their usual skin care routine, during the winter months as they would in the spring/summer.

During the winter your skin goes through so much, with the change in weather, cold, wind and central heating in our homes, not to mention the introduction of wearing face masks. Upping your skincare is a must…

While it is amazing to come to the salon for your monthly facial, don’t let that stop you from doing it from home. We always recommend doing your daily skin care routine morning and night, while incorporating a weekly At Home Facial to get the best results out of your skin; see our previous blog ‘How to Perform an at Home Facial’ to find out how.  With salons closed it is even more important to take the time for some selfcare. Taking time out for is not only important for your skin but also your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Abbi Perry