IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MAN: What’s the story?

Does your Husband, Fiancé or Boyfriend “borrow” your skincare products on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, we think it’s about time he educated himself as to why he should have his own bespoke routine. Why? Because, men’s skin differs significantly from that of a woman’s. Below, we outline the numerous differences and take you through VOYA’s newly launched, certified organic men’s range.

What makes his skin different to her’s?

Skin Thickness
A man’s skin is approximately 25% thicker than that of a women’s. Male hormones, such as Androgens (i.e. testosterone) account for this difference. While the thickness of a women’s skin is said to decline significantly after menopause, men’s skin thickness remains constant and tends to reduce at a more gradual pace as they age. It really is a man’s world, right?
Collagen Density
Studies suggest that regardless of age, men have a higher collagen density than women. Perhaps this answers the age-old question as to why some men tend to look better as they age? However, because men historically don’t tend to look after their skin as well as their female counterparts, most don’t reap the benefits of their good skin genes.
There are many superficial signs that a man’s skin differs from a woman’s. The ability to grow a beard being the most obvious. In addition, men’s skin tends to be rougher and oilier as it produces more sebum than a woman. Sebum production in males increases drastically after puberty and can account for why hormonal acne can affect them much more significantly in their teenage years than women. Puberty also stimulates also increases their sweat secretions and as men’s sweat contains more lactic acid it lowers their PH level in comparison to women.

Source: VOYA