By Channelle

Have you ever wanted intimate waxing but never knew what to expect?



Intimate waxing can be performed in just less than an hour, using hot wax, (which is very gentle on the skin) and will last you between 4 – 6 weeks before needing to be done again, making it so much more effective and worthwhile. So, no more wasted nights shaving!

The therapist will provide you with disposable knickers and a modesty towel. The hot wax is applied in a thick layer and left to dry slightly before being gently peeled away.



Here are just a few tips of what I think makes your waxing experience effective and longer lasting.

1. Prepare the area before the waxing appointment.

• What you’ll need to do first is find yourself a really good moisturiser that is quite gentle on the skin and I would recommend doing this daily! This will ensure that the area is well hydrated meaning the hairs will be removed easier, otherwise if the skin is too dry the hair tends to snap and grow back a lot quicker.

• Gently exfoliate the area 2 times a week to remove those dead skin cells in order to avoid any ingrown hairs, so that we are removing all of the hairs.

These 2 steps will make your waxing so much more effective for you.

2. Don’t forget about the aftercare

For the next 24 hours
• Avoid hot showers/ baths, saunas and steam rooms, heat can cause irritation and burning can occur.
• Avoid perfumed products
• If possible wear loose clothing, as the pores will have opened meaning the area is more sensitive and prone to getting a reaction.

You can choose whether you would like a Brazilian intimate wax, all hair is removed except for a landing strip in the middle or a Hollywood intimate wax where all the unwanted hair is removed even on the bum area if required. It’s entirely up to you!

Just say ‘goodbye shaving’ and ‘hello waxing’.

If you have any questions I can discuss all your queries prior to your appointment. I look forward to seeing you soon.