How to Protect Your Hands and Slow the Signs of Ageing

protect your hands

They say the hardest signs of aging to conceal are on the hands. This isn’t surprising when you think about how much of our lives we have plunged into hands first. For years we type, we cook, we shake hands, we garden and we brave the elements of every extreme, meaning our hands are in need of care and protection. Here’s how to look after your hands prevent dry skin and slow the signs of ageing.

Moisturise and Exfoliate

It’s no less important to establishing a moisturising routine for your hands as it is for your face and body. Wash and exfoliate your hands before going to bed with a natural and organic hand wash that is suitable to your skin type and lock in the moisture with a thick application of moisturiser and if necessary wear moisturising gloves to bed if your hands are especially in need of rejuvenation.
Have a Hand Cream to Hand
Carry a bag size hand cream with you at all times to give your skin the rejuvenation it needs when you suffer dryness. We recommend using a rich cream than only requires you to apply a small amount for effective protection.

protect your hands

UV Protection

protect your hands

When the sun does occasionally come out in, we can all be guilty of just looking after the ears, neck and face, all the while assuming that our hands are protected because they were used to apply cream on other areas. Apply sun cream to both sides of your hands and in between your fingers. Remember, even if you don’t feel the sun’s heat on your hands, prolonged exposure to UV radiation could eventually lead your hands to looking distressed.

Gloves, Gloves, Gloves

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The best prevention is often a cure. Take care of your hands during everyday activities to prevent visible signs of ageing. Wear appropriate gloves when gardening, doing the dishes and playing in the snow (when the opportunity arises). Show care for your hands when using a chopping board for slicing fruits and vegetables. As recent media coverage shows, this goes double for avoiding avocado hands.

What Causes Damaged and Dry Skin on your Hands?

protect your hands

From Industrial hand soap, Dry air, Chlorine, Pollution to using the wrong soap will all strip your hands of its natural oils leading to drying and ageing of the skin.


Keeping your hydration levels up can assist in the regeneration of skin cells and provides much-needed moisture to help prevent dryness