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Intimate Waxing

By Channelle Have you ever wanted intimate waxing but never knew what to expect?     Intimate waxing can be performed in just less than an hour, using hot wax, (which is very gentle on the skin) and will last you between 4 - 6 weeks before needing to be done again,...

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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MAN: What’s the story?

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MAN: What's the story? Does your Husband, Fiancé or Boyfriend "borrow" your skincare products on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, we think it's about time he educated himself as to why he should have his own bespoke routine. Why? Because,...

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How to Protect Your Hands and Slow the Signs of Ageing

How to Protect Your Hands and Slow the Signs of Ageing They say the hardest signs of aging to conceal are on the hands. This isn’t surprising when you think about how much of our lives we have plunged into hands first. For years we type, we cook, we shake hands, we...

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Remedies for Modern Life A British organic skincare brand offering accessible, affordable beauty products without compromising on quality. Beauty products which do more than simply look after your skin, they can change the way you feel.  Including face, body, hair,...

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The Wonders of Seaweed…..

  WHY SEAWEED? Did you know that Seawater and blood plasma have an almost identical chemical composition? Seaweed naturally absorbs its nourishment from the sea. As a result, it contains countless minerals, vitamins and beneficial ingredients in high concentrations...

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Why its so important to look after your skin

In today’s fashion and beauty world we are all interested in keeping up with what’s ‘trending’ at the moment whether it is the latest fashion icon, the most popular make up brand or the newest mascara in the market.  When it comes to choosing what make up brand to use...

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Be kind to your skin

Top tips to keeping your skin healthy Many of you may be wondering what skin care routine you should follow to keep your skin clean, glowing and fight against our biggest skin concerns! Here is a guide to what to include in your daily skin care routine and why;...

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